Very effective cleaning agent that cleans, waxes and preserves the boat in the long run in one go, even in case of heavy dirt build-up. 1 litre


For extra long lasting protection against saltwater, UV-radiation and other damaging environmental influences. Suited for all polymers, gel coats, lacquers and metals. 500 ml


Cleans, polishes and seals in one easy step. Cleaning painted, anodized or uncoated aluminium becomes effortless and the metal shines again. 500 ml. Use biocides safely! Always...


Just a single step to a new shine. Cleans provides permanent protection thanks to PTFE polymers. Reliably removes oxidation and limescale. For fibreglass, metal and painted...


Washes, shines and protects in one easy step. Special citrus extract formula whisks away dirt, grease and oil, leaving a long-lasting polymer shine. Concentrated for economical...


Washes and seals in one go. Suited for all polymers, metals and coated surfaces. 500 ml.


The ultimate protection with UV protection for polymers, gel coats and coated surfaces. Lasts significantly longer than common waxes and does not contain any abrasive. 500 ml


Special wax for cleaning and sealing blue hulls and other GRP surfaces. The blue matches most blue tones. Also covers small scratches and slight colour differences. The absence...


All you need to do with the Yachticon Premium Hard Wax Spray is spray it on, leave it to dry and polish it. Protection for all plastics, gel coats, lacquers and metals....


For long term protection from salt wat- er, UV and other environmental forces. Suitable for all plastics, gelcoat, varnish, paint and metal. 500ml.


The ultimate wax protection for plas- tics, gelcoats and varnished and painted areas. Lasts longer than ordinary waxes and contains no abrasives. 500ml~


Cleans and waxes in one - contains PTFE. Seals metals, painted surfaces and GRP, revives faded areas. Content: 0.473 L


Cleans, polishes and protects, leaving a long lasting protection against oxidation, fading and chalky deposits. Gives a deep shine to GRP, aluminium, chrome and painted...


Dr. Keddo Fenderlan fender cleaner is a simple, reliable way to remove dirt, discolouration, tar and scaling. It also preserves the surface. Contents: 250 ml. Use biocides...