For use in inland waters, along with the North Sea and the Baltic. Self-polishing antifouling. Together with leading manufac-turers, Compass has developed a new antifouling...

from €19.95

For use in warmer waters such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean or areas of high fouling. Self-polishing antifouling. 2.5 litres.

from €19.95

For fast motor boats, racing yachts and trailer sailers. Hard antifouling. 2.5 litres.

from €24.95

Highly effective PTFE based Compass Antifouling, not fat-dissolving or organic. Can be applied thin-layered to the hull and becomes super smooth. Hence, no sanding is necessary...


The Compass Antifouling Spray protects against adherent fouling and contamination of outboard engines, propellers or hulls without damaging the aquatic environment. The...