The autopilot control unit features the Raymarine "LightHouse" user interface allowing faster and easier operation. The 3.5" colour display with key operation was developed...


• Combined depth sounder and log data in a clearly structured 3-line format• Special depth and speed display with day and total mileage, water temperature and SOG


Displays depth from 0.8 - 100 ms with keel offset and adjustable deep and shallow alarms. Current usage: 12-22 mA, Size: 13 x 10 x 3cm.

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The initial set-up aligns the boat`s head with the wind indicator thus enabling the mast head unit to be mounted in any convenient orientation. 360° display of apparent wind and...

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• Combined analog and digital wind data• Calculates wind speed/wind angle


Displays speed from 0-30 knots in 0.1 k increments, trip distance to 999.9 nm, back-lit display, easy operation. Supplied with paddle-wheel sensor. Current usage: 12-22 mA,...

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• Speed through the water• Speed over ground (GPS required)• Water temperature• Day and total mileage counter


• Large numbers plus trend display• Minimum/maximum depth• Audio alarm for shallow water, anchor and deep water


Fits most GPS receivers with NMEA 0183 output to provide an extra screen. Large numerals can be seen from a distance or at night and all the GPS data can be called up. Simple...


In the same format as the log with 0.8-100m range, keel offset, deep and shallow alarms, feet or metres, selectable auto gain control and depth averaging, depth trend and ‘no...


Matches the other instruments and gives wind speed in knots, mph or metres/sec with 360° direction indication in 60 segments. Selectable pointer format and electronic damping....


Shows speed and distance. Can be connected to any GPS plotter or transducer via NMEA 0183.


The fully gimballed compass sensor can be surface-mounted or suspended and gives an accuracy of +/- 1° with 9 progressive damping settings. Current usage: 90 mA (100 mA with...

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Raymarine i50/i60 super set: In this set you get the Raymarine i50 Tridata and the Raymarine i60+ Wind at an excellent price. The new i50 instruments have been developed as an...

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• Display of current, highest and average speed, total and day distance as well as water temperature

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• Absolutely sharp depth display• Shallow water and depth alarm• Display of the minimum depth


• Display of the speed, depth and water temperature• Display of two data sets in large or small numbers


• Apparent wind speed and direction as well as true wind speed and direction (in connection with log or bidata) • Connection option for Rotavecta anemometer


• Wind• Direction/speed• Wind alarm (high)• Log • Alarm shallow water/deep water• Water temperature• Regatta timer


Easy to read and simple to operate with 40mm high digits and 7 levels of back lighting in an 11qcm case. Speed in knots/mph up to 30kn, trip, total distance,...


• Direction/speed• Wind alarm (high)• Wind• Log• Width/length• Bearing/distance to route point• Alarm shallow water/deep water• Water temperature• Regatta timer


Electronic compass with remote fully gimballed fluxgate sensor offering +/- 1 deg accuracy, auto calibration, 7 levels of illumination, true or magnetic bearings, course...


Log and depth sounder in one 11 x 11cm instrument. With its large clear back-lit display, you can see speed in knots, mph or kph, depth in feet or metres and distance in miles,...


• Wind• Direction speed• VMG to wind • Course


Tacktick T110 digital display Tacktick instruments are wireless and solar powered, which means that you do not need to worry about unprotected plugs and connectors or wire...


Race Computer by Velocitek – small, light GPS speedometers in a watertight housing. The very precise GPS receiver determines highly exact speed data which can be recorded for up...


Very precise 16-channel GPS receiver, installed in a compact housing that is waterproof up to 3m. Operating the SpeedPuck is as easy as child's play. One button is sufficient to...


Velocitek mast mounting fittings for ProStart. Secure attachment of your device for optimum legibility of the display.


The Raymarine Tridata i70 is the multifunctional device! The Tridata package includes a mast unit, a DST800 transducer, an iTC-5 converter, cables and a plug. The extra-large 4...


The NASA Marine Clipper Wind WiFi allows wireless transmission of wind speed and wind direction. It has an additional NMEA 0183 output. The data is transmitted from the mast...