The all-rounder for performance use onboard. 32-Braid sheath made from PES and with Dyneema? in the core for a high breaking load.

from €2.80

The FSE Robline Neptun 300 is a versatile universal line that is UV-resistant, durable and comfortable to handle. A classic in the cruising area in a traditional design.

from €1.00

Core made from 100% Dyneema, 16 strand braiding.

from €2.60

Good-value Liros all-round sheet and spisheet for cruising enthusiasts. - Low water absorption, easy to handle, abrasion-proof, thermofixed. - Operating elongation <8 % - Handy,...

from €16.95

Latest technology Dyneema line with extremely high breaking strain and virtually no stretch. Made with an abrasion resistant 32 yarn spun polyester sheath and Dyneema core, it’s...

from €2.40

Good-value, soft Liros standard sheet made from grippy worsted, thermofixed polyester.- Operating elongation <8 % - Soft and high-grip - All-round sheet - Sheath: worsted...

from €16.95

Can be used as flag ropes, halyards or control lines. 16-plaited with core. Very low-abrasion and low-stretch. Ø: 3 mm / 15 m. Breaking load: 190 daN

from €7.95

The FSE Robline Albatros is made from a lightweight XLF fibres in a hollow braid construction and makes a good foreline or towline on a dinghy. Floats in water, light and...

from €0.70

Very good and handy all-purpose line with long service life. Made from 8-braid polyamide.

from €0.35

Use practically anywhere! Very elastic stretch cord made of branded rubber with excellent stretch characteristics. Outer sheath of abrasion-resistant high strength polyester....

from €0.90

Low-priced soft sheet in easy to handle thermofixed polyester carded yarn. The polyester sheath is white with colour-coded thread. Suitable for main or genoa sheet in cruising...

from €0.90

Very strong rope of the highest quality. For use as sheet, halyard or trim lines in yachts of all sizes. The first choice for cruiser sailors.

from €1.70

Length: 30 m; ?: 5 mm; Breaking load: 780 daN.


1 x 1 braiding, with a special covering to protect the rope from chafe from clutches and stoppers, etc.

from €1.40

Made from high spec fibres for long distance or blue-water cruisers. Made from 16-strand braided polyester.

from €0.70

16-strand braided with long staple fibres for soft grip. Suitable for genoa or spinnaker sheets.

from €1.00

The Liros Hercules Vision can be used as a sheet, forerunner, tensioner or trim line. Quality for any yacht. The Liros Herkules Vision adheres to the winch well, is durable and...

from €1.90

With low stretch and high resistance to fraying. Soft, no kinks, no fatigue, and fantastic chafe resistance.

from €1.30