Protect your boat from damage from swinging fenders and minor contact with the jetty and other boats. The 3-mm cellular rubber core provides protection and flexibility. The...


DAN mooring buoys with short and long rods with an eyebolt on the top and a swivel eyelet on the bottom. All metal parts are galvanized.

from €79.95

The seaEQ FSF can be used as protection ? also under the water line ? when berthing in a sluice or berth place. Dimensions: 45 x 145 x 1.5 cm; Weight: approx. 6 kg.


The seaEQ pile mooring fender provides protection while mooring. Highly tear-resistant nylon fabric ensures a long life. The pile mooring fender with a PE core. Simple to mount,...

from €76.95

A clever combination for use in any harbour: fender and step in one, protecting your hull and at the same time offering a ledge to help you board boats with a high freeboard....

from €29.95

White, clearly visible ring fender for marking anchor chain and line to prevent you from riding over them by accident. Size: 33 x 10 cm.


is very robust and extendable both horizontally and vertically. Suitable for mounting on the boat or pontoon and especially round mooring posts. UV-resistant, extremely strong...


seaEQ tensioning strap for seaEQ pile mooring fender (set of 3). Available in various sizes.

from €26.95

The seaEQ LF long fender is for when the berthing place is very narrow or when you?re lying side to side. Heavy, highly tear-resistant nylon ensures a long service life. A PE...

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Simple but effective idea. If your boat has a high freeboard, this fender offers protection and a step all in one. With 2 strong eyes and non-slip treads


The fender line is spliced to a fixing line that is simply stretched along outboard. Fix along the widest part of the hull, usually just below the toerail and you’ll never be...