Fender accessories


Easy-to-mount seaEQ pile mooring hook: no tools and no drilling required.


seaEQ Hook?n Loop Tape fixes everything that needs to be put together quickly. It is super-stable and has excellent holding properties. The fact that loop is easy to use and the...

from €19.95

The seaEQ fender railing clip (FRC 4) is practical and secure: For quick positioning of fenders. Fender height can be adjusted and easily attached to the railing. For ropes up...

from €12.95

AISI 316 stainless-steel and chrome-plated brass II

from €7.95

Fender flutes are fast, adjustable and easy to use. Fit all rails from 22 to 25mm or lifelines and all fenders with 8mm rope. Adjust the fender to the required height, close the...


This little pump will top up anything from dinghy fenders to air-beds and comes with a variety of adaptors. It is only 20cm long and weighs only 70g, but it packs a real punch...