Liros quality braided warps made from strong multifilament polypropylene for good abrasion resistance in black with a red tracer thread. A 30cm spliced loop in one end and...

from €22.95

Made from double-loop-braided polyester with elastic twine that acts like a spring (without loop).

from €9.95

The Liros PES mooring line is made from 3-strand twisted continuous polyester yarn and has good tensile properties. At one end there is a spliced Niro grommet; at the other, a...

from €24.95

Mooring line: 3-strand twisted all-round rope, perfect as a mooring, anchor or towing line.

from €5.95

The FSE Robline Orion 500 is an all-purpose PES on mini spool. Suitable for all types of applications. Very high-quality braid.


Made from double-loop-braided polyester with elastic twine that acts like a spring.

from €16.95

Mooring line with outstanding properties. Abrasion-resistant, having good extension properties and UV-stable, the Miami (16-strand hollow braid construction) is also equipped...

from €39.95

The FSE Robline? Polyester Rio is a kink-free mooring line with a high breaking load and good stretch characteristics. Very UV-resistant and easy to splice. A classic!

from €1.50

Strong abrasion resistant stretch warps from Liros. Nylon construction with a tough outer sheath suitable for all craft. Available in white with red/black tracer, a 30cm spliced...

from €29.95

The FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo is a white mooring rope made from 3-strand twisted polyester with good stretch and abrasion properties. The twisted rope means that the...

from €10.95

Until now mooring lines have always had to be laboriously threaded through mooring springs… This one can be used when the boat is already tied up to the pontoon. There is a...

from €44.95

Bargain priced mooring lines in Lirolen rope, cut to length with finished ends, 4x 5m long.

from €11.95

Small snubber that can be incorporated into existing systems so that you do not have to keep pulling your lines in. If one Smart Snubber is not enough on its own, simply add...

from €12.95

Weatherproof, salt water and UV-resistant. Damps tension on all mooring lines, looks attractive and does not distort under pressure.

from €9.95

This ‘anti-snatch’ device provides effective shock absorption on mooring warps and protects deck fittings from the effects of violent tugging. It has a unique in-built locking...

from €14.95

The Liros Porto mooring line is particularly popular thanks to its good handling. 16-plaited with additional nylon protection, impresses with its top-quality characteristics....

from €26.95

The FSE Robline® Polypropylene Montecarlo’s PES sheath is responsible for this rope's high functionality. It is UV-resistant, elastic and offers good grip. Length: 40 cm with...

from €14.95

The FSE Robline® polyester Rio is a black, high-quality rope with a PES sheath and PES core. Characterised by high grip, it is abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant. The Rio’s...

from €13.95

The UNIMER U-Cleat mooring damper has a highly elastic mooring compensator with an new clamping mechanism that allows the snubber to be repositioned or attached to an existing...

from €25.95

Classic, 3 strand twisted rope for mooring or anchoring made from 100% polyester. Extremely abrasion and fray resistant.

from €0.70

Made of seawater and UV-resistant rubber. Simple fitting: just lead the warp through the spring as shown in Fig. 1. Insert the warp as shown in Fig. 2 to securely lock a bight...

from €9.95

High stretch warp line suitable for mooring, anchoring or towing to help eliminate dangerous and harmful snubbing on your cleats etc. Made from easily handled and abrasion...

from €1.30

_Mooring line made from double-braided polyester with an elastic ply yarn, which works like a spring. Set of 4 in waterproof nylon Oxford bag. With straps and velcro fastener...

from €39.95

These Unimer mooring compensators come as a set of 2 with two 10-m lines. Available in various models. Unimer mooring compensator: Unimer mooring compensators are made from...

from €49.95

Made from double-loop-braided polyester with elastic twine that acts like a spring (includes ? 20 cm loop).

from €22.90

Tough long-lasting snubbing damper made from marine quality stainless steel. (see table)

from €9.95

Floating tow/mooring line that stays soft and absorbs no water. Material: 3-ply navy blue polypropylene.

from €0.70

All-round cordage that floats, does not absorb water and always stays soft and supple. Easy to splice, makes good tow or mooring lines. Supplied in assorted lengths with heat...

from €7.95