The Davis Instruments Telescoping Paddle is a 3-part canoe paddle with a tough, lightweight aluminium construction. This telescopic paddle can be adjusted to various lengths...


Stainless-steel buoy hook (17 mm) with remote control locking mechanism for easy handling during manoeuvres. The hook also has a large opening. Length: 90.5 cm; Eyelet: 4 cm.


The Davis Instruments boat hook has an extremely stable aluminium tube and a very strong head for very heavy loads. With a rubber handle and ACME thread for attaching boat...

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- Fits all Extend-A-Brush Premium Handles. - Constructed of unbreakable glass reinforced nylon for years of trouble free use. - Special design makes for easy rope handling and...


A durable, very attractive one-piece handle that accepts screw-on accessories. - Outlasts traditional wooden economy brushes. - Length: 122 cm.


Made from triple anodised aluminium to ensure by years of maintenance-free use. - The telescoping shaft features two non-slip hand grips with positive twist lock. It can be...


Boat hook that can be locked multiple times for any situation. The combination of anodized aluminium stable plastic ensures a low weight and maximum stability. The boat hook can...


Marine grade 100% stainless steel scrub specifically designed to remove embedded dirt and grime from teak and other fine wood. The material will not will not splinter, rust or...


Stainless-steel hook (Thickness: 20 mm; Length: 112.5 cm) for hauling in buoys. Eyelet size: 14 cm.


to fit both aluminium shafts and made from tough plastic.


made of lacquered wood with a chrome-plated brass tip. Rod Ø: 30 mm

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All plastic construction, fits to any wooden pole or 25 mm tube to double as a boat hook. Hooks 1 cm bar.


Anodised aluminium. With rubberised grip. 3cm Ø, length: adjustable from 1.2m to 2.00m. Weight: 600 g.


The Hook & Moor boat hook is self-threading and features a tube made from anodized aluminium and a ball-bearing mechanism. The head is made from polyamide reinforced with glass...


The Robship® Boat Hook makes mooring a real breeze - and makes manoeuvres safe and quiet. With its highly sophisticated and completely reliable model features a ball-bearing...


Pulling on the line closes the carabiner. It can attached to any boat hook. Length: 16 cm; Opening: 3 cm, Breaking load: 2400 kg. Includes 2 screws.


made from anodised aluminium with screw-on plastic hook.


Adjustable from 1.2 to 2.1m, made from anodised aluminium with a nylon hook. Weight: 900g, dia.: 3cm.


With plastic hook and handle. Shaft 3cm dia, Length: 1.80m, weight: 480g.


Sprenger boat hook bracket ring. Up to 7 mm wire. Material: stainless steel.


In A4 stainless steel for shrouds of 6-12mm.