Anchor lines


Multi-functional braided polyester warps with 2-part construction (16 part sheath, 8 part core). High abrasion resistance, kink-free, flexible and spliceable. In fixed lengths...

from €38.95

Made from 3-ply wound continuous staple polyester, one end with a stainless steel hard eye. Tough, flexible and easy to handle.

from €32.95

With lead inserts and stainless-steel grommet. Lead has been incorporated into the last 10 m before the grommet, so no chain forerunner is necessary. Kink-free, very...

from €69.95

3-strand classic mooring warp from Robline provides longevity without sacrificing performance. Easy to use and easy to splice. Supplied with eyesplice.

from €11.95

The Compass anchor roller has a high quality strop and can be used as an anchor line, mooring line or rescue line. Simply lash the roller to the pushpit, pulpit or anchor locker...

from €99.95

Whether you use it at the bow or at the stern as a kedge line, it always runs out cleanly and can be wound in quickly – no more fighting to get the twists out of a coiled rope....

from €159.95

Very handy mooring/anchor line made of 100% polyester. Special twisted core construction provides good stretch properties, high breaking strain and resistance to abrasion and...

from €1.30

The whole line sinks and holds a strong catenary curve for better anchor holding and damping thanks to its incorporated lead weighting. Also good for electric winches and RIBs

from €104.95