Anchor buoys


AnchorRoll - it's good to know where your anchor is. The anchor and anchor chain is the only connection between the boat and solid ground. The AnchorRoll marks exactly your...


DAN mooring buoys with short and long rods with an eyebolt on the top and a swivel eyelet on the bottom. All metal parts are galvanized.

from €79.95

Fitted with 2 nylon lined eyes so you can fix one to the anchor trip line and the other can be used for a line back to the boat. That way you and others know where the anchor is...

from €39.95

Yellow mooring buoy to mark anchor position in order to avoid unintentional collisions with other yachts’ anchors. With an eyelet.

from €4.95

Contains 20 m of automatically winding line (500 kps breaking strain) that can be used as a kedge or trip line. It will always sit over the anchor and can be seen at night...