open construction made of stainless special steel. Fork design.

from €7.95

closed, made of stainless special steel. Toggle design.

from €11.95

To do the job properly you need to do more than just swing on the rig! This simple device enables you to set up the rig correctly for better performance and the safety of your...

from €59.95

Blue Wave stainless-steel rigging screw. It features an black chromed adjustment nut and an engraved calibration scale for measuring rig tension. The grip on the Blue Wave...


Segelschoner aus Kunststoff, zum Schutz der Segel vor scharfkantigen Pressungen.Außendurchmesser: 75 mmFür Draht: 6 mm


Electro-polished stainless steel, terminal, fork for shrouds.

from €12.95

Makes tacking easier and protects the foresail and genoa sheet from snagging and unnec-essary abrasion. Made from seawater resistant aluminium tube with a plastic end piece....

from €16.95

In case you lose the end caps of the rigging screw covers. Easy to install, you don't need to dismantle the rig!

from €4.95

Simply threaded over the rigging screw to prevent snagging and abrasion of the foresail and sheet. Made from soft plastic.

from €12.95

Plastic protective tube that is easy to install. Slide the slit over the wire until fully on and then slide the tube into position. Length 1.8m

from €4.95

The spinlock Rig-Sense is an instrument for measuring rig tension. It makes it easy to reproduce rig settings ? Support when preparing and making adjustments before races...