Highly polished stainless cleat for general use.

from €29.95

Designed for heavy loading in solid marine grade stainless steel with a wide fixing plate that you bolt from below for strength and to avoid corrosion.

from €18.95

Fully retractable: this practical deck cleat has a special mechanism that makes it disappear into the deck on light pressure. With plastic adaptor for rain and spray water...


From Pfeiffer Marine. Supplied as a pair for port and starboard.

from €32.95

An accessory allowing lines to be belayed in countless ways. Even stiff or larger-diameter lines and ropes can be securely moored. Made from silver anodised aluminium, this...


polished, made of stainless special steel. The post Ø is 50 mm. Dimensions: 34 x 12 cm


made of stainless special steel. The post is easily installed with 4 screws. Dimensions: 15 x 6 cm.


for installation on deck. Easy installation with two screws screwed in from above.

from €10.95

made of stainless steel, with two attachment borings. Delivered in pairs for port and starboard each.

from €24.95

The use of nylon means that the clamp is stronger and weighs less.

from €2.95

Pfeiffer Marine teardrop deck cleat made from seawater-resistant aluminium for rope Ø 6-14 mm.

from €15.95

Made of sea water resistant aluminium with high, narrow base. For 6mm screws.

from €16.95

Made of sea water resistant aluminium.

from €16.95

Made of sea water resistant aluminium.

from €15.95

Sea water resistant aluminium, with two threaded end pieces. This multi-purpose cleat can be mounted on an existing genoa track.

from €57.95