Recommend a friend

Tell a friend, choose your bonus

Recommend a friend to receive a great bonus! If this person places an order in response to your invitation (minimum order value € 40,-), you will receive your bonus. We will send this to you on receipt of payment.

  1. First, choose one of the bonuses listed below. You can do this after you have clicked "more information" on the article.
  2. Submit your name, address and if you have it handy, your customer number, too (> prize recipient)
  3. To receive the bonus, the recommended customer must place an order with a minimum value of € 40 immediately after you have chosen your bonus and he has to register as a new customer during Step 2 when ordering. We will send your bonus about 2 weeks after receiving payment.

A "new customer" is understood as someone who has not been a customer of Compass during the last three years. Unfortunately, we are unable to count your own orders or orders placed by your own family for the same address.

Please note that the minimum order value is € 40 to qualify the recommending customer to claim a bonus.